Chef Joo's Korean Tasting Menu

Join us to explore the flavours of Korea and France
  • Posted by: d3

From July we journey to explore the flavours of Korea and France. Join us at Galvin at Windows for a Korean tasting menu and sample French cuisine specially prepared by Head Chef Joo Won and his team.

Since Won became head chef in 2013 elements of Korean cuisine have been more regularly used on some of the dishes of the menu, including kimchi (pickled spicy vegetables), aged soy sauce and seaweed. This July, August and September, however, the Korean flavours and influences will be turned up a notch or two with a Korean inspired menu running alongside our normal offering.

Joo’s menu will showcase some of the incredible flavour combinations, cooking techniques and approach to plating that was witnessed on a trip to South Korea when Joo travelled with Chris Galvin and Fred Sirieix to his home country and shared with them some of the foods and flavours that have been such an important part of his life.