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Rudina Arapi - Head Sommelier

Rudina Arapi


Head Sommelier

As Head Sommelier, Rudina has been the last word on wine at Galvin at Windows since joining us in 2012 and her superb taste and acumen give shape and form to the extensive range of wines we keep for both the restaurant and bar. From the most seemingly-humble table wine through to famous vintages of the storied houses, Rudina’s knowledge and experience mean she can effortlessly select the right bottle for any occasion or menu item. Trained initially in Florence (no sommelier ever stops learning) Rudina advanced swiftly in a profession crowded with talent through not just her skills and knowledge but also bright, warm personality and intuitive understanding of hospitality, honed at some of Italy’s finest wine bars and Michelin-starred restaurants. Choosing one’s own wine from a well-stocked list is a joy, but if you ever feel the need for inspiration, you will never be disappointed by the going with the person who wrote it.